Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tequilla Ramblings

The joys of my roommate:

  • he took me in when I was so very close to really being homeless
  • he's a joy, sweet tempered, wry, talented, kind, funny beyond belief
  • we laugh at the same things
  • he is up for second auditions for Cats...and deserves the role
  • he takes me to his piano bar somewhere off the 'C' line route...I've no idea where in the world we were... it was a gay bar, tons of show tunes, lots of heavy drinks, at the end, I sang the straight female part in all of the songs.
  • he fails to stop me from sending text messages to people in my address books....sorry folks.
  • he doesn't have a fit when we come home and find a present from the was in the bathroom.
  • he is who he is.... I adore him.

I'm feeling no pain, and will regret those text messages in the AM... right now, I'm glad to have him about, will miss him like mad...and am happy to have the five emails from people who are interested in me as a roommate.


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Anonymous said...

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