Sunday, April 15, 2007

The N And Q Show

Today, there is nothing of any deep interest or is about N and I being bored, locked up in our apartment, waiting for the Bronx to float by, and deciding how much we should tip the delivery boy to slog though the streets to feed us.

We are thinking $4.

Realise, I stocked the 'fridge last night, and even hacked in space through the frost filled freezer to squeeze in some ice cream. I am a good roommate.

However, cold Chinese, yogurt, and a new quart of milk and some blueberries aren't enough. Not even the tasty hot wings will tempt us. Perhaps it's the fact we'd have to turn the oven on, and it hasn't been on in two years that is stopping us in this endeavour.

N learned to load photos onto his new notebook, and has registered on YouTube. We grow so out of things to do, that I go into my room, and we IM each other. Buying his notebook was great fun.. it was the blind leading the stupid. I knew enough to make sure it had a 1G processor and an AMD Turion. I have no idea what those things are, but, mine has, his had to, too.

We called Z from the store, he started to tell me things to look for, and I zoned out somewhere around megs and stuff.

It has a pretty case, that sold us.

The terrier has to be watched... if you take her out, she dashes back to the door, refusing to curb. She will however, gladly go indoors. Somehow, this isn't acceptable. Go figure.

N has nothing to say.

He is contemplating food.

So am I.

I mean, it is 3.35, and we've been discussing it off and on since 1.30. Do we order one meal or two? Eat one now, then order again at 8? What do we order? This is a lengthy process that cuts into our valuable nap time.

We are also watching the Bourne Idenitity, which only occasionally offers respite from our twin notebooks with it's car chases and visions of Matt Damon in a real mini Cooper actually acting. Above us, the neighbors stomp to show their displeasure over something or the other.

We've made the decision to order.

Now, we have to decide what.

The worst part of this is....which menu to order from.

Decision made, call placed. Bet on how long the delivery will take... how wet the delivery person will be. Realise, this cafe is only a block away.. we could walk there and back in five minutes. That's not the point... we'd have to shower, get dressed.... and well, it's worth the $4.

Marie Antoinette to watch on PPV.... then, dare I say it... gin to play.

He's going down.

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