Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sundays...Yes, I Know It's Thursday...Still

I used to go to church on Sundays. I'm a SICS (Sicilian/Irish/Catholic/Southerner)...I had no choice. Born and bred in the Catholic Church, Sicilian/Irish families, second generation American, New Orleans was home... you got up, went to Mass, stopped and bought pastry on the way home and had a big dinner (supper was the evening meal) of red gravy and meatballs with all the family.

Now, I tend to worship at the Cinema 8. Popcorn and butter (is there any other film food with the exception of hard Jujyfruits?) and a diet Pepsi that you sneak in.

Don't get me wrong. God and I have a close relationship. I believe very strongly in the Master of the Universe. In my soul, I believe that all things are pre-destined. It's how we get there that is left up to us. You can buy that red car or the blue one, take I-25 or I-70...but, if you are meant to crash and burn that day, you're going to do it. Our will is ours to choose the paths we wish to take, the end result is already in place.

It's why I believe you can actually follow Will S's words in Romeo and Juliet.. "I saw you and fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." You can see someone and love or hate them on sight. Something in you knows, just knows. It's how we bond quickly on friendships or on dislikes at work or at a party. It's that nudge.

Anyway, my Sundays now are a day. I do my prayers all the time, when I think of someone, when I am thankful, when it seems a good time to say 'thanks'. I'm content. Mostly, I'm pleased the BVM never shows up in my bedroom at night.

Who wants to die a saint?

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