Thursday, April 19, 2007

Variety Is No More


Not funny haha, but, funny strange... I used to read the trade papers daily when I didn't live in New York. Variety, Playbill..anything related to theater or film, I took the time to go though online. Who was directing what, the shows going up, how boxoffice was... my family members who are in the film industry would drop a few bits here and there, too.

I was pretty on top of things.

My feeling was, I'll hit New York, see the shows I'm itching to see, catch films... be in the thick of it!

Well, I am in the thick of it... I'm stage managing again, and working as a script supervisor for a short film...but, see a show? Read a trade paper? I've kept up on a few, here and there... I try to graze though them on the weekends... get the highlights and such...for the most part, I knew more about Broadway and Hollywood before I moved.

Go figure.

I'm captivated by my surroundings, find daily theater in the people on the street, take in the drama of life here... but, I miss my reading to see what was on. I miss writing down what play I wanted to see, what films were coming out.

I've not seen a film since I visited the land of Utes in February.

Granted, my hours don't lend themselves to doing much...with the ride home, it's 9P some nights... still...

I didn't move here to not see everything. It's time to wander outside of my comfort zone I've set up... maybe midtown is the place to move.


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