Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech

Nothing you can say, except to offer prayers for those who died, their families, the injured...those left behind who will question why? Who will wonder as we did after Columbine. After each school shooting...the same questions, the same grief, the same tears and guilt of the survivors.

God grant them all peace....peace of mind, peace of soul... peace from the hoards of news people who will jump on every word, every link... who will not let them grieve in solitude.

Yes, God grant them peace... and perhaps, eventually, the ability to move on.


Triple M said...


Andrea St. Clair said...

It's just unfathomable how this happened... I can't seem to phrase the right words for the situation, so all I can say is this:

My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with everyone at Virginia Tech. I wish my arms were long enough to embrace them all...