Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When Sean Henry Was A Little Baby....

....let's be honest, he was never little.

He's long and lean and funny. Something he's always been. From the time he was able to talk... a feat he refused to do until he was almost three, then he started in full sentences... he's had a droll way about him. This is a child who has caused me more laughter than almost anyone I know, even when he doesn't mean to.

Sadly, he usually means to, and causes me pain from extended periods of loud, uncontrolled peals of snort filled laughs.

This child of mine, who has a kind soul, a keen wit, a brilliant mind... I can't say enough about him, and I can't continue to write about him, because I'll cry.

I miss him.

A classic Sean story:

When I was in recovery from my bout of nuclear meds... I thought I'd be clever and sit on a thick blanket to keep the radiation from going into the sofa. Sean looked at me from his black eyes so far above me.

"A blanket?"

"Yes, and then I threw it away!"

"A blanket. To protect us from radiation."


His gaze never wavered. His tone stayed dry. "Wow, Mom. A blanket. Great idea. Shame the people of Hiroshima didn't think of blankets."

Happy 21st, sweet potato.

I'll love you forever.


Andrea St. Clair said...

He's adorable!!! :)

Beauty School Drop Out said...

you make me eyes well up, and miss me mother!