Sunday, April 15, 2007

The N and Q Show, Part II

We recovered from our first meal and went back to our notebooks. It's sad to think that we really could find nothing else to do... N wrote a horrific group of words that were pure lies about me in his journal. We made a note to watch schlock on VH1 at 10P. We sat and discussed our later meal.

The rain stopped and I dashed out with the dog who thankfully curbed in the moist air. There was so much water in the large gutters next to the buildings, it was coming out onto the sidewalks.

Back to television, gossip, notebooks, mySpace for N, phonecalls to the kids for me, and more discussions of food.

Chinese for N, leftover food for me.

It's late, last of the schlock tv, eyes blurry, rain is pouring back down.... N keeps burping.

Work again tomorrow, off in the rain... I'm stealing the good umbrella, leaving him the cheap dollar store one.

It was a good day....and I'm dead tired from doing nothing.

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