Monday, May 21, 2007

Book Review In A Nutshell

The Road~First given this book when I was waiting to go into remission (okay, everyone...little sigh here..done? good) I thought it was a good book to read for that time in my life. Indeed it was.. re-reading it last week reminded me of why it now sits next to the other book that moves with me no matter where I go, 'To Kill a Mockingbird', because I believe in my soul if everyone had a bit of Atticus Finch in us, we'd not have the problems in the world that exist. McCarthy's words remind me of a playwright who's work I like, and that I've had the pleasure of performing in...words so rich and textured, so layered, that I wish I read braille in order to touch them. The spaces around those words are as important as the words themselves... and the phrase 'the child was his warrant. If he is not the word of God, God never spoke.' clings to me.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M.~ sucked. And in her case, literally. I love good erotica. This wasn't. This was barely passable. Here is a woman who proclaims her deepest desire, her addiction is to be in orgies, yet, goes on to say how she will lie passively while being boinked by dozens of men. At one point, I started singing, "I've had thousands of men, again and again..."
I seriously read the first two chapters, then played Gracie Allen, read the last chapter...and skipped from the middle towards the section that worked best for me. I'm not sure how her female parts haven't just plopped out on a Paris sidewalk somewhere. She should take a hint from all those men who reach for their crotches making sure everything is there, and check once in awhile. I give this book an ewww.

Water for Elephants~almost done, wait until Wednesday.

The Terror~ hey, it's a huge book, and I'm busy. Give me some time! I've got good far, so good. I like Dan Simmons, he's from the town the kids grew up in, and used to dash about in a little red sportscar. I don't like all of his work, this one has my hopes up.

Next on my list is the aforementioned, helped me stop the chirping smoke alarm from hell, Princessess: The Daughters of George III.


Ha Ha Sound said...

The best modern piece of erotica that I can recommend is a book called Almond by Nedjma (a pseudonym), but only if you can find it cheaply on or in paperback. After the trillionth lusciously described sex scene set in Tangiers, I actually started to get a little bit bored.

Quin said...

hh~i will look for this, then. do not waste your time with catherine's bit of waste. honestly, i laughed out loud at some scenes, she was a)that poor a writer and b)made the entire erotica she was describing so amusing, when she really was trying to make it, well, erotic.