Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother Of The Year

I was reminded by a child to tell my dirty secret.


Hello, my name is Quin. Not really, but, I'll answer to it.

When my children were born, the nurses would mix up the little baby cribs, because they thought it was funny to watch me point out the wrong baby.

I have visual memory issues.

There, Jarhead, happy now? I put the yellow bunny in your crib, didn't I? I found you after that, didn't I? We only dropped you once out of the Moses basket, and when the lady pointed it out, Dad went back and picked you up, didn't he? It was your sister, HRH, we locked in the van.


That's what happens when you are the youngest of five. Then, she told the entire damn class about it at show and tell.

Like we meant to leave her there. I mean, we did remember. Well, your granddad did the first time, but, she was like, six days old, and we weren't used to her yet. The second time, we got her out.


We never forgot or did anything with TheInvestment. But, we did plan him. The rest of you will get over it, or should with all the money we've spent on therapy. It's not like we left you at gas stations... except that one time with...



Oob said...

From what it sounds like, and I bet your children believe so too, you're an amazing mom. You know and understand yourself... and the value of humor.

Quin said...

oob~the sad thing is, they are true stories.

David said...

Not that this has anything to do with your post but I just read your profile so I will ask. If someone has an idea for a film how would they go about getting the concept to someone? I only have a basic idea on how to write a screen play. Just give me the short version if there is one. I would have emailed you this question but I am so enthralled by your picture I can’t seem to find it.

Quin said...

glad you like the photo...i think it's dead sexy.

how? heck if i know...i am just moving into film from theater work...and i do script supervision....continuity...you know, make sure that everyone has the same number of strawberries on their plate from one shot to the next. watch the ice cream eating scene in pretty woman sometime to see bad supervision/editing.

go see haha sound... he's the one to ask on selling...you can download celtx to write it...that's what i use.

but, thanks for making me feel special.

Quin said...

cajun might know, too...he knows lots of stuff.

David said...

Well thank you. If I ever go to the City you can watch over me to make sure those city people don't take advantage of me.