Sunday, May 27, 2007


Oblivious~oblivious(p): (followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of (from

As you can see, the Princeton online dictionary has my photo next to this definition...because I am the walking visual of the word, OBLIVIOUS.

I walk in front of delivery men on bicycles. I do not believe they are saying, "Have a nice day!" in Mandarin. There are times I stroll, sure I can outwalk the bigass buses that barrel down 6th Avenue while dragging two dogs that do not want to leave the park. Somehow, I don't believe that horn being held down or the woman screaming, "OH, GOD, THEY ARE GOING TO BE KILLED!!", is talking about me. When I drive, I do not make eye contact with other drivers...this way, any hand gestures or words mouthed do not count, and I always do a little wave when I cut someone off as if this negates my blind spot, which in my case is most of the freeway. I told a friend once that I'm pretty sure I'm popular in L.A., as I'd perfected the U-turn, yelling out the window, "I DON'T LIVE HERE, I'M LOST!" and doing the little wave as they let me know I'm #1 in their driving book. My children will not drive with me. All of them are bad drivers, with the exception of The Investment. I've been known, as I've mentioned before, to knock myself out on set pieces. I didn't mention I was walking out of the shop and went right into it. I've walked into and down open stairwells. I say, "What?" quite a bit, in a variety of tones. Most of the time, it's surprised.

Keeping this in mind, it isn't a shock with what happened today.

While getting ready to meet up with some folk...and that will be talked about later....I was walking about the loft in my partial underwear.

I do this on occasion...coming out of the shower with a towel on, getting coffee ready...getting up in the morning... you've got the picture. Well, not the real picture, and this is a good thing. Oob and Bee, I'm not.

The loft living room has an alcove attached and since I've worked here, it had big bookshelves and a curtain that blocked it off from the living room, and that was that.

In my semi dressed state, even on this high floor, I'm careful to keep the curtains drawn on the front and bedroom see this coming, don't you?

Today, while getting ready to meet up with some folk (and I had a good time)... I suddenly realised...the bookcase had been removed last Monday. I know this because I've been re-organising stuff in it all week. Yeah. Gone. Curtain, too. Big open window. No longer an alcove, but, part of the living room. Big window with no curtains on it yet. All week while I've been here. Looks onto an office building next door.


I'm either real popular, or, I've caused people to want to blind their mind's eye with a needle.

Yeah. Oblivious.


golfwidow said...

Look on the bright side: you've got a whole new window.

(I'm trying, dammit.)

LisaB said...

Shame on you, Quin! Flashing the neighbors and all that. You might have given some old fart a heart attack from sheer delight ;-)

Quin said...

gw~that's like saying jeff dahmer was a good cook.

lisa~bless the positive outlook of a southern woman.

Verminous Countenance said...

You made me chuckle, so it's a good thing right?

Quin said...

verm~always a good thing.