Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two-Toned Feet

I'm stepping out of the shower, and I notice something.

Not the newly re-decorated flat. Not the dogs sitting, waiting...that's all the time.

No, I looked down, and my feet were odd.

I was raised by my maw maw, who had skin so soft and sweet smelling... and she would take me outside and say, "Do you see that dirt? How dry it is? The sun will do that to your skin. Go put a hat on.".

And, thus, in my childhood, I was the only kid around who wore a baseball cap to shield my skin. I never tanned in my life. Ever. When sunblock came out, I made a novena of thanks. My friends sat in the sun, I was a shade gal. As we sit here, I'm waiting for my SPF70 to sink in. My hands, arms, face and neck are covered with the stuff, even in winter, before I step out of the house.

I never thought of my feet.

With the arrival of spring, I've gone from cowboy boots every day, to flats.

The tops of my feet are.....tan. I have the whitest legs and toes around, and the tops of my feet are....tan.

Yes, indeed. I'd write more, but, a)it's self-indulgent and b) I have to put sunblock on my feet.


The Cajun Boy said...

that just made me look at my feet...guess what...mine are also tanned.

Verm said...

LOL, Sometimes I just love you sweetie. I'm the guy that people always point to as the example of a white guy at work. Have to admit since I got the motorcycle I'm a bit more tan than I've ever been before. But I keep a bottle of spf 50 spray in the saddle bags.

Quin said...

cajun~we should start a club

verm~feeling is mutual. remember, never smile when on the open road..

Triple M said...

Whoa! Can I relate!!!

A friend (sort of) actually wrote in my high school yearbook "every time I put on sunblock, I think of you"... because I too was the gal in the shade, wearing the SPF70, and quite frankly, I still am.

So nice to find kindred spirits out there. :)

Oob said...

with you on the pale part. But YEAH to the cowboy boots! ;)

LisaB said...

Love your Maw Maw! My Mother still sends me sunblock to this day. Got to love those Southern women, eh?

Thanks for the linkage! Coming right back atcha Hon.

Nepotism indeed ;-)

Quin said...

m3~how you doing my cannok friend?

oob~already worn through a pair of heels on mine here in the urban pastures

lisab~mine were steel magnolias. gotta love 'em.