Monday, May 28, 2007

War, What Is It Good For?

Last night, while standing inside and outside of a nice little bar in the village, chatting with Oob and HaHa (she is amazingly beautiful and I had to wear sunglasses at night with his blinding good looks), we noticed a number of the white clad sailors going into the bar, all of them being one carded me...*sigh*.

Down the street came three Marines, in uniform. Oohrah! They looked in, and said, "Damn, Navy got here first, we can't go in." We urged them...okay, I urged go on, they were MARINES damnit! A sailor came out, you could see them pointedly ignoring each other... we laughed about it, and made comments that my Jarhead should wear his uniform when he comes into town on the 10th to see me.

I tried to get Oob to take him on the town, and imagined the lovely wedding they would have. I think the words 'oblivious matchmaker' came to mind.

Then, she looked over and said, "They are all so young." and I said, "Young blood spills as easily as old."

America has opened 1,000 new graves since last Memorial Day. Think of that. A thousand young lives, and that's not counting the innocent civilians killed nor the thousands of soldiers maimed, physically and mentally and emotionally by this stupid piece of shit going on in a fabricated war.

Rumsfeld is a war criminal. Bush should be ripped out of office. There is no single good reason we should be there... and you look at those young faces, bright with hope of pulling, out for a drink, in their beautiful uniforms....

We left early, the three of us... others were still inside, interesting people all. The noise got to me, and to be honest, the young servicemen.

My Jarhead is on a ship right now, learning to do his job there, so when he ships out in July, he's ready to serve his country.

He'll be here for five days or so, visit his dad, then head out. He's ready, he says... suck it up, Mom. Suck it up.

A friend said, "He'll be safe where he is." and my reply stays the same, "Can you get me a written promise from God?".

They are young, they have great promise, they head off to a place that will change them. Wish them well, smile at them, buy them a drink. Hate the war, respect the warrior... look at those baby faces... and say a prayer.


Verminous Countenance said...

LOL, damn the memories that brings back. You do NOT mix in the bars, it always ends badly. Kind of an unwritten law. Sailors have thier bars, Marines have thiers. Airmen go to the bars with lots of ferns and GIs just drink on base. The only time we'd mix is when you'd get attached to a unit, either a marine as security for a boat/ship or a Navy corpman attached to a Marine unit. Even then they'd have to be close to concider it. Reminds me of a joke. Maybe I'll blog it as a tribute to Memorial day.

Quin said...

verm~do it. the jarhead will be attached to an aircraft carrier at some point. his uniform it cuter.

Verminous Countenance said...

I see he's in Beaufort, SC and rides. Too bad he's shipping out, if he's ever in the Charleston Area have him look me up.

Quin said...

verm~will do..and i pretend i don't know about the bike.