Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Was today.

My kids all checked in, with a variety of times in between told me he'd failed to get a card, but, go to the store, find the card I liked the best, put it in an envelope, open the envelope, pretend he'd signed it, and there I was...a card from him!

I've never had a Mother's Day away from all of my kids...oh, one or two, but, never all of them. Eldest daughter is ready to pop... the only one missing from the photo attached, taken two years ago. Jarhead is getting things together before coming here in June, the Tall one is going to start a new job...the Boy is still my nerd, and HRH is studying for finals, her smile in her voice when she talks to me.

I miss all of them, their laughs, their bad jokes... the Tall one tricked HRH into seeing 28 Days later, something I'd have been there for...both of us screaming at the gore. Ah, fun times!

I made the call to my mom, timing it for exactly 15 minutes... and a longer one to my loved Aunt. C is better, and we'll have a long catch up conversation tomorrow, so, that helped the day be a good one. I scored a paying script supervision low pay indie job, a real one. woot. kids, and the mamiiii's of the neighborhood don't really make up for it... I've had Chinese food two days in a row, mango sherbert, and two bottles of lemonade.

Nothing like missing family to make your food consumption go up and get weird.

Love you, kids... love you forever, like you for always.. as long as I'm living, my babies you'll be.


The Cajun Boy said...

awww...happy belated mother's day q. sorry you missed the boil!

Ha Ha Sound said...

Yeah, happy Mother's Day to you. I really enjoyed spending the day with my mom and other family members yesterday.

Quin said...

thanks me boyos... i have a little tear... really, i do.