Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Bronx

The Bronx.

Well, it's certainly different from Washington Heights. And Tribeca. And it's very different from the land of the Utes.

Yes, indeedy.

The first thing I've had to get used to is being called Mommy by everyone. Men, women, kids...everyone calls women Mommy. The second thing is getting used to people being irritated I don't understand Spanish. They tell me the amount of my purchase, and I stare. They tell me again, I stare harder and say, "Que? No habla Espagnol." That much lets them think I DO habla. It's getting better, but.... Next is the don't leave home after dark... I don't care if the terrier has a bladder that is bursting, she goes to the courtyard, and that's it. The neighborhood along with the six flights of stairs tends to let me convince her to do her duty before we go upstairs at eight.

I've also found I am whistled at quite a bit. Now, this is surprising. It's the whistle and the "Hey, MOMMY!" that throws me. Ya know, you just don't think of a whistle and the word mommy as sexy.

I'm finding my way around... the train this way sucks. Interesting that the 'A' was always on time, always running along, always stopping and never a train stop was messed up or roped off. Friday, my stop was blocked downtown, as were the next three stops... we had to ride all the way to Woodlawn, then go back downtown. I got on the train at 12.45 and ended up in Tribeca at 2.15. The return was worse. It took 2 1/2 hours to get home. We stopped in tunnels, we stopped on platforms, we were told to get off the train because it was malfunctioning, then, put back on the same train.

Two and one half hours.

I don't know if it's because it's going to the Bronx and they figure who cares or what, but, there is a difference in how people are treated and how the line is run.

The terrier and I were not happy.

Oh, and I have roaches.


I don't see me staying here long... I love having a place all to myself, and I don't mind the walk up... I love the shopping near by, the smell of fresh peeled oranges as you walk down the street... the cheap pedi's, the language floating by. I love Fordham Road, there is so much to see on it, people walking about selling things I know fell off a truck... snowballs, fresh tamales, papaya places (whatever they are) a huge .99 block even has a tree! Still, I'm too far away from where I work, it takes too long, and... I don't feel safe to feel honest.

One of the joys of subletting... I only have to move three suitcases and the dog.

Back to craigslist.... four moves in four months. I'm becoming a pro.


emily said...

ah, the joys of street harrassment. I live in w. Harlem, and I never walk outside without hearing something from some random dude. My favorite by far is a friendly, "Bless you, mami! Bless you!" and then a whistle.
I always want to say, "Thanks! Bless you, too!"

modelbehavior said...

thanks for checking out my blog...and funny, i just wrote today about an adventure of mine in the bronx (involved a lot of spanish...) - so i know where your coming from

Quin said...

i have to say, i do kinda swing my hips a bit more.