Thursday, May 24, 2007


After numerous comments about my buying coffee, my fellow journalpal, HaHa, suggested I get one of those cute on the top of the stove coffeepots so well known here in New York.

Let it be known, I am not an electric fancy pot coffee gal, I still used a percolator at home, and grew up with a drip pot. I have been drinking coffee, or the children's version of coffee-milk, since I was, oh....a year old or so. Caffeine doesn't bother me...I don't have to have coffee every morning, I drink tea when I'm in the U.K....I just like the taste of coffee.

Therefore, I took the aforementioned HH's advice, and tried the pot.

I worked it as one would a drip pot. What did I know? I put the grounds in, poured boiling water in the top compartment, sat down with my script and waited for it to drain through.

Two hours later, I had...nothing.

I then took the contraption apart, and looked it over.

"Ah-HA!", I said to myself.

My self answered, "What?"

"It's a cute little percolator. Now, this is clever."

And, I filled the bottom with water, and put it back together, put it on the open flame, and set it going.

Five minutes later, I had coffee.

All over the stove, the floor, the walls. It just spurted and splattered everywhere. I had around 2.3 ounces to drink. Yum.

Today, I used the big pot here at the loft. I was careful. I measured in slow, precise spoonfuls. I set a low flame. I hovered. When it perked, I turned off the heat, and removed it.


I poured it into a cup, added sugar and opened the 'fridge to get the milk... I am from New Orleans...I don't drink it black.

No milk. Well, none without lumps.

I can either dress, put a hat on and schlep to the deli when I have a script I need to re-time...fuck it, lets be honest, I have journals to read and I'd have to brush my teeth, and I'm saving my pennies for Sunday....or, there is a can of Redi-Whip.

I don't know why, I don't want to know why.

I went for the Redi-Whip.

It has a unique flavour, slightly sweetish, and not my cup of, well, coffee. The main thrust is...

Quin made coffee. And, there are always little shops where you can 'borrow' creamers.

Oh, yeah.


modelbehavior said...

I would have voted you get those cute little tea cup size Italian stove top coffee maker things. They're effective and adorable! ps I feel you , all my milk had lumps in it too yesterday.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Yes, I was talking about one of the coffeemakers that Modelbehavior mentioned. A stovetop one cup espresso maker. My Mom brought a million back from Italy and I have one that I carry from apartment to apartment. They are amazing.

Oob said...

That sounds awesome! (After the initial attempts.) Love the French Press myself. yummmmm

Quin said...

mb & hh~i'll look for one, and keep a can of evaporated milk here for the next time.

oob~not a bad idea, either. i may just have my percolator sent out to me. i miss it.

golfwidow said...

I love my French press, but my dad, now pretty much off coffee forever, used to make brilliant coffee in a stovetop percolator. I never learned the art, myself.

Quin said...

golf~it IS an art.

mrsmogul said...

I so miss the NYC cafes and shops!! We will go back again! Move back I mean!

Verminous Countenance said...

I've been meaning to get a coffee press myself. For now, I'll just use my bun-o-matic, it's fast.

Quin said...

mrsm~sell a kidney, its the only way to afford an apartment

verm~be daring,my friend. be daring