Friday, May 18, 2007

Low Battery

It's driving me mad.

I don't have any more, and I need one...I need it now. I woke up around 4A with the mad desire to replace the batteries... it was so intense, I could hear a voice saying, "low battery" in this tone I normally wouldn't use.

A tone accompanied with a high pitched noise. Yes, there is a high pitched sound accompanied by a computer voice emitting from the smoke alarm located on the ten foot ceiling that is located in the Bronx apartment that Quin lives in.

The super said he'd be up, ".....maybe sometime tomorrow." I think that's what he said. He may have said, " borrow". I don't know. I kept pointing up and saying, "Fifth floor. Loud alarm. I'll knock it off the ceiling." He smiled and said, "....later. I don't know." or "....taters gonna blow."

Who in the world actually buys good batteries these days? Someone did, and it's in my smoke alarm....helping the voice announce it's going bad.

Shame more things didn't announce the battery was going bad before they did at a critical point.

You know... like flashlights.


modelbehavior said...

I hate fire alarms and how it's impossible to change the battery without professional help (that's a monopoly right there) and how they chirp incessantly like a cracked out bird and RUIN any peace within your home. Has happened to me a lot. Better to wake up on fire than to that screeching sound.

Quin said...

this started at 4a...4a.

now, i have silence...wires hanging out of the ceiling for "...taters going to blow" man, but, silence.

oh, yes, i rule.