Monday, May 21, 2007


Walking to a beat only we can hear....heads moving unconsciously, sometimes lips forming words.. in a worse case scenario, someone gives voice on the train, forgetting or not caring that only they are hearing the rhythm and back beat they sing so, um, beautifully to.

We are everywhere. Mine is bright red, with a sweet quote etched on the back that I say every time I talk to my children. When I am missing them while I listen to this gift I received, I run my fingers over the words, and they feel closer.

The Nano. Great-Grandchild of the Walkman, that beast that if you fell on it while skiing, would leave a bruise that lasted seven years, tops.

What is on your iPod nano?

Walking music? Rhythm of the Saints is my favourite when I'm walking with the dogs. Song I don't need to hear when I'm feeling I'll never be kissed again? Fields of Gold with Eva Cassidy singing...tears the fabric of my being. If I'm in a beyond sauntering mood... Long Black Veil with the Chieftains. A little John Prine to make you think or smile with... Elvis Costello to give a good mood. The right classics to listen to at the museum.

And, to just stroll along with, perhaps mutter the words into the be dreamy with, to sigh with... to feel romantic with.... oh, can he can sing a love song!

Jimmy Durante.

Good-night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


Ha Ha Sound said...

I've got an iPod Mini, which I bought the month before they discontinued it and replaced it with the Nano. But I love it. Made out of stainless steel, it's totally indestructible.

My most recent addition, music-wise, is a CD from a friend of mine who lives in Germany and is a pop star in Japan. It's his band's most recent CD and is filled with gorgeous, well-produced dreamy Burt Bacharach-esque pop crossed with bossa nova. Yum.

Quin said...

haha~yum is right. i love my red one..i can see it everywhere, and since i tend to misplace things, that helps.

Oob said...

I'd be lost without my Nano. Red like yours. Filled almost to capacity with my heart's desire. It's a beautiful thing.

The Cajun Boy said...

how bout that sopranos episode from last night? man i almost lost when tony.....AAAAAAHHHHHHH....ABORT, ABORT, ABORT!!!

Quin said...

oob~gotta love red

cb~oh, wait...i almost laughed.

Andrea St. Clair said...

My nano is so eclectic that you'd think I was nuts.

Avenue Q to Neil Diamond to Doris Day to Journey to Carrie Underwood to Wicked to AC/DC to Pearl Jam to Christina Aguilera to Don Giovanni to Gretchen Wilson to Movie Scores...

...I think you get the point.

Though sadly, the most played song is "Astonishing" from Little Women. Look at the lyrics and you'll find my state of mind.