Friday, May 18, 2007

Low Batteries, Part Dos

I may not speak janitor, however, standing on the thickest books I have here; 'Terror' and 'Princesses: The Daughters of George III', which were stacked on top of a barstool with uneven legs, I stood on tippy toe, stretched my 5'7" frame and managed to get my fingertips (oh! what I would have given for some mamiii fingernails at that point!) on the edge of the chirping fire alarm...

As I slipped off the books, plummeting to my wood floor, curses, books and barstool flying in all directions....the terrier never moving from her slumber, I managed to take the alarm with me, leaving wires hanging from the hole in the ceiling.

Yes, I am the ruler of the sub-let apartment.



The Bee said...

I just laughed out loud.

Quin said...

bee~can't ask for a better compliment